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Family and friends,

As many of you may know, our beloved Greeley was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Greeley is a devoted husband, father, grandfather, and friend. For over fifteen years, he has been a dedicated employee of Northwest Wholesale, where his customers and colleagues have become friends – family – as well. Whenever you walk through the doors at Northwest, Greeley is always the first to greet you with a cheerful smile and a welcoming “hello” that makes you feel at home. When we come to work in the morning, Greeley never fails to let us know the outcome of the latest Mariners or Seahawks game, and he also never hesitates to remind us that “it’s not work if you love it.” 

Greeley is ready to fight this with everything he has, and you had better believe we are all going to be right there next to him the whole time. We believe Greeley is going to kick cancer’s ass.

All of the funds will go directly to Greeley and his family to use for insurance/hospital bills, as well as other related expenses that will come about due to this unfortunate circumstance.
All who are familiar with Greeley know that he would never want to ask for assistance, but we also know that he would be the first to help someone else in need. Please contribute what you can to support him and his family. Our sincerest thanks for all of your love and support.
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